sodium acid pyrophosphate

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Sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) is a common food additive with FDA approved uses for many other technical functions in foods.


Bakery Products: Sodium acid pyrophosphate is used in cooking to shorten the fermentation time of cakes, crackers and pies. However, it increases the fermentation speed in roasted food items, such as pizza breads. Used as an all-purpose leavening.  Relatively slow reaction rate makes it ideally suited for use in refrigerated doughs, baking powder, cakes.  Many times it is used with faster acting SAPP's.

Dairy Products: It's used an emulsifying

Seafoods: It's used in canned tuna as an inhibitor of the formation of sturvite crystals.

Meat and Meat Products: It's used as a curing accelerator in certain processed meats to accelerate color fixing or preserve color during storage and to decrease the amount of cooked out juices.


·       Sodium pyrophosphate is extensively used as a scald agent in products made from potatoes and sugar syrups.