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Glycerol Mono Stearate

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GLYCEROL MONO STEARATE (GMS) is a well known emulsifying agent which is extensively used by the modern food stuff industries. It contains both water and oil soluble groups in one molecule which enables it to be a very effective emulsifier. GMS is of high nutritive value, non toxic and therefore very suitable for use in food formulations. It belongs to the class of non-ionic emulsifiers.

Functions: GMS finds application in the following areas:

• In baking cakes and other baked products

• In the production of high quality biscuits as an emulsifier because it can help in reducing the consumption of egg yolks or fat used in making biscuits.

• It is used to heighten the impression of creaminess on the ice cream palates. The GMS also helps to prevent fat separation in frozen hard ice creams and in frozen soft ice creams to retain the very fine air particles with a high over run.

• GMS is used in confectionery to ensure smooth dispersion of flavour oils, to improve texture and showing quality.

• It is a very useful softening agent for chewing gums. It reduces the viscosity of the blend to a desirable consistency and improves texture.

• In margarines’, GMS provides a smooth mouth feel and improves spreading properties. It ensures the fat and water emulsion remains stable and it functions as an anti spattering agent during frying operation.

• GMS improves on the cutting, handling and wrapping operations and gives a better appearance to baker’s yeast.

• In pea nuts butter, GMS is added to crystallize part of the free oil during processing and prevent the oil and peanut fibres from separating during storage