Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Monohydrate

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Dextrose is a reducing sugar. The dextrose equivalent (DE) of pure dextrose is defined as 100. Expressed as a percentage of the reducing value of pure dextrose and calculated on a dry weight basis, the total reducing value of a starch hydrolysate is referred to as its DE. With its pleasant, clean and sweet, cooling taste, dextrose has been used for years as a sweetener in a wide range of food applications. Dextrose is one of the sweetest of the starch derived sugars. On a scale on which sucrose is assigned sweetness value of 100, dextrose is rated at 75. Its sweetness is influenced by a variety of factors such as temperature, acidity, salts, flavoring materials, sweetener concentration and the nature of other sugars present. Contrary to sucrose, dextrose is not subject to the process known as inversion, and therefore its degree of sweetness does not change.


Bakery Products: It is used in fermented products, biscuits, cookies, cakes, icing and glazes.

Dairy Products: Dextrose is used in frozen desserts, desserts, fermented desserts, milk drinks, creams and fillings.

Beverages: It is used in soft drinks, energy drinks, beverage powders.


·       Also it can be used in meat products, snacks and cereals and convenience foods.