Guar Gum

Guar Gum

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Guar gum Powder is extracted from the Guar Seed after a multistage industrial process. In food industry Guar gum is used as gelling, viscosifying, thickening, clouding, and binding agent as well as used for stabilization, emulsification, preservation, water retention, enhancement of water soluble fiber content etc.

The most important property of Guar swells in hot or cold water to attain uniform and very high viscosity at relatively low concentrations. Its colloidal nature gives excellent thickening to the solution. It’s frequently used in stabilizer blends in combination with other gums. And, it can be used in many different product categories, including dairy products, sauces, soups, frozen desserts and bakery products.


Dairy Products (Yogurt, desserts, mousse, cheese etc.): It prevents syneresis in cheese formation, improves texture and tenderness, maintains color and viscosity uniformly. It adds mouth feel to the dairy products.

Confectionery and Bakery (Breads, cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolate, jellies etc.): As moisture retaining agent, dough controller, binding agent, film forming agent, jelling agent, bloom controller, agar and gelatin replacer, glazing agent etc.

Frozen Foods (Ice creams, soft serves, frozen cakes etc.): Guar Gum works as crystal growth controller, moisture loss controller, freezer burn reducer, syneresis controller, freezing point and thaw separation controller.

Beverages (Cocoa drinks, fruit juices, sugarless and alcoholic beverages): Guar Gum acts as a suspending agent in fruit beverages, maintains viscosity, Improves mouth feel.

Ketchup and Pickles (Sausage, pickles, barbecue, salad dressing etc): It improves free flowing properties of sauce and reduces separation between water and oil phases. It is unique cold water dispersible, acid resistant, free water binder in salad dressings, sauce, pickles and relishes